The Scent House

TheScentHouse is a fine fragrance distributor founded in 2021 with a pure ambition to provide access of fine European born lines to only the finest retailers in The United States.
Our seasoned team are reinventing the world of luxury through the brands we discover, represent, believe in and support. We are no strangers to the world of fragrances and are extremely passionate in creating a fresh, new and exciting opportunity for our clients.

Masque Milano

Masque Milano could have been just another niche brand, but the founders chose to turn themselves into a scented journal that people can smell, touch and feel. An Italian brand created by two lads with plenty of shared passions: traveling, reading and music. They love designing objects and natural materials and hand-made details.

Stephanie de Bruijn

Stephanie de Bruijn, a true Perfume Lover, and a Niche Perfumery Expert. Her quest for the optimal combination of ingredients, for the most harmonious perfume, led her to win the prestigious ISIPCA International School as Artisan parfumier Competition in 2001 with her Ready-to-Perfume "Poignées d'Amour".

Noeme Paris

NOEME Paris is a luxury French perfume house that has embraced the power of imagination in its quest to take you on a journey to known as well as unknown lands. Inspired by the philosophical concept that designates what is beyond human consciousness, out of sight. Noeme’s range of scents epitomizes independence and originality.

Moresque Parfums

Moresque Parfums curating a very specific vision. The fragrances capture the splendor of authentic scents inspired by ancient traditions. We've taken a very high end approach to genderless and unisex fragrance that has rarely been seen in the marketplace before. Italian-made with vibrantly colored bottles.

Blend Oud

Oud is the most magical and emblematic ingredient in perfume history. Here you have the luxury paired with this ingredient. With Blend Oud, you're not buying just a new scent. You're buying into a whole new way of thinking about perfumes. A refined mélange for a refined lifestyle

Nino Amaddeo

Nino Amaddeo World-renowned perfumer, with a story that began in Italy and ended up in France, has finally found his inspiration back with the launch of his new brand.