Ombrella Crash

Perfume & Cologne

Size: 3.4oz/100ml

Ombrella Crash opens with a refreshing burst of rhubarb, kiwi, and pink pepper, creating an intriguing and vibrant top note experience. These fruity and spicy elements evoke the liveliness and unpredictability of a sudden downpour, setting the stage for the immersive journey that unfolds. In the heart of the fragrance, watermelon, sea notes, cyclamen, and jasmine intertwine to create a harmonious blend of aquatic florals, inviting you to gaze at the horizon and embrace the beauty of the moment.

The base notes of lemon, musk, and sandalwood add a comforting and reassuring touch to the fragrance. The zesty freshness of lemon complements the aquatic accords, while musk and sandalwood provide a smooth and grounding foundation, symbolizing a new perspective and a deeper connection with nature.