Rose Ekaterina

Perfume & Cologne

Rosa Ekaterina is a window that opens onto a flowering garden; a graceful woman walks resolutely through the green paths, holding an open book in her hands, while nature blossoms around her. The fragrance is an olfactory homage to the Empress Ekaterina II Alekseyevna, known as Catherine the Great, a leading figure of culture and art in 1700, exponent of elegance and spirit of innovation. With the desire to bring her story to life, MORESQUE’s master perfumers have created a bouquet that is a freeze-frame of Ekaterina's life and that evokes the walks Catherine the Great liked to take in her rose garden with the books she loved as her only company.

Woody - Floral - Musky

Pink Pepper, Elemi
May Rose
Sandalwood, Vanilla, hot Spices, white Musk, Cumin, Cinnamon