Perfume & Cologne

A new olfactory chapter of Blend Oud_Original Collection, Silver is a sparkling Woody Oriental. 
A sumptuous weave of flowers, resins and woods, where a Rose shines out against a backdrop of Oud.

Silver is the essence of shine. A fragrance inspired by the soft lunar light of a damask stole woven with silver threads, which voluptuously envelops the skin and illuminates it with refined beauty.

In the perfect accord between power and grace, the darkest shades of Oud are rounded to become soft and airy, and the velvety charm of Turkish Rose lights up with vibrant nuances, revealing, in the magnetic embrace of Benzoin, Amber and Vanilla, a precious weave which leaves the senses suspended.

Woody - Oriental


Tangerine, Red fruits, Gentle Mint, Coriander
Turkish Rose, Jasmine, Geranium, Blue Chamomile, Demerara Sugar, Orris
Cinnamon Peel, Vanilla, Embracing Woods, Benzoin, Amber, Musc, Oud